LFA27 Management Board



The organization

LFA27, or Lobster Fishing Area 27, covers the area from Bay St. Lawrence to Gabarus in Eastern Cape Breton.  The LFA27 Management Board has, as mandate, to conduct research on the lobster fishery and to monitor the health of the stock as well as engage in governance for the 524 license holders in the area. For the 2013 season, the Management Board intends on conducting at-sea sampling of lobster and its incidental catches and by-catches (requiring the hired student to spend the fishing day at sea measuring and sexing lobster) during the lobster season (from May 15 to July 15). In addition, 850 lobster were tagged in the 2012 season which will have to be recovered, measured and position of catch noted and entered on-line. After the commercial fishing season, larval tows will be conducted in 2 ports (Dingwall and Port Morien) which require a ½-day at sea, in calm weather, towing a larval net and counting and staging lobster larvae. For more information on the board see:www.lfa27.com


Job Description

The LFA 27 Lobster Technician’s primary responsibility will be implementing various components of the LFA 27 Research Strategy, including larval tows and at-sea sampling both during and after the lobster season.  The Technician will perform the following duties under the direction of a Lead Fisheries Technician and the project manager, Veronika Brzeski:


  • Participate in at-sea sampling programs for lobster under the direction of the project manager. The sampling programs will include the completion of scientific data sheets.
  • Lobster sampling at sea will include measuring carapace length, determining sex, and taking observations on lobster health, maturity and presence of eggs. Identification of by-catch and incidental catch will also be recorded.
  • On-shore work includes entering data into a database.
  • Technician will also collect data (size, sex and coordinates of location caught) of previously tagged lobster and enter the data into a database which will be available for all fishermen to view.
  • Participate in lobster larvae tows – stage and count larvae and other observations (meteorological and other species caught).
  • Distribute and track distribution of scientific equipment and maintain equipment.
  • Other duties as assigned by the project manager.



  • Field of Study – Marine Biology or Biology preferred.
  • Must have reliable vehicle and valid drivers licence.
  • Must be willing to go out on fishing boats.
  • Experience using databases/spreadsheets, in particular Excel.
  • Competency with Word.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Initiative and motivation.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Organized.
  • Able to keep accurate and detailed documentation of work.
  • Basic knowledge of crustacean and fish biology.
  • Knowledge or experience in sampling procedures.
  • Familiarity with fisheries research and the fishing industry an asset.


Please note : Data use for student’s projects is encouraged and will be considered. Pease submit a proposal and a supervisor’s contact information with your application.

Send your application (C.V., references and cover letter) to Veronika Brzeski at lfa27board@gmail.com LFA27 Management