Job Description


The Fisheries Technician’s primary responsibilities will include participating in the FSRS Lobster Recruitment Project, Lobster Collector Project, V-Notching Project and Size at Maturity Study. The Technician will perform the following duties under the direction of the Research Biologist or Senior Fisheries Technician, and the Project Manager.


·       Establish a network of fishing industry contacts, including fishermen, fish plant owners and fish plant workers, fishermen's associations, scientists working in fishing or fishery science related disciplines, teachers, etc.

·       Act as liaison between fishermen and scientists.

·       Participate in at-sea and shore-based sampling programs for crustaceans and other species under   the direction of the FSRS Fisheries Technician. The sampling programs will include the completion of scientific data sheets, entering data into a computer based spreadsheet or database, and presentation of results to project participants and FSRS members by one-on-one meetings, group meetings, workshops and written reports, including articles in the FSRS newsletter.

·       Participate in the Lobster Collector Project, including preparation and deployment of collectors.

·       Participate in the development and implementation of other data collection projects, including identifying, training and supervising participants.

·       Review FSRS members' data, provide remedial training as required to ensure high data quality, and enter members' data into a spreadsheet or database.

·       Distribute and track distribution of scientific equipment to FSRS members, and maintain equipment.

·       Support efforts to ensure effective communication between fishermen, FSRS staff, scientists, and the general public. This will include participating in the organization and implementation of workshops and local area meetings.

·       Research and write articles for publication in the FSRS newsletter Hook, Line and Thinker.

·       Increase effective communication of research results deriving from projects undertaken by the FSRS and its collaborators, including, DFO, universities, NGOs and fisheries groups.

·       Other duties as assigned by the Senior Fisheries Technicians, General Manager or Project Leaders.




·       Field of Study – Marine Biology or Biology preferred.

·       Must have reliable vehicle and valid drivers licence.

·       Must be willing to go out on fishing boats.

·       Experience using databases/spreadsheets, in particular Access and Excel.

·       Competency with Word.

·       Strong written and verbal communication skills.

·       Initiative and motivation.

·       Able to work independently.

·       Organized.

·       Able to keep accurate and detailed documentation of work.

·       Basic knowledge of fish biology.

·       Knowledge or experience in sampling procedures.

·       Familiarity with fisheries research and the fishing industry an asset.



Work Term Information


Employer: Fishermen and Scientists Research Society

Number of Positions: Up to 2 positions in Cape Breton and 2 positions in HRM, depending on available funding.

Locations of Work: To be based from home; will require travel throughout Nova Scotia.

Area of coverage: Cape Breton - Will cover areas throughout Cape Breton. HRM – Will cover ports primarily along the Eastern Shore, with some travel to the Yarmouth area possible

Period of Work Term: Cape Breton: May 6 – July 27, 2013 HRM: April 29 – July 20, 2013 (proposed start and finish dates; subject to change depending on funding)

Hours of Work: 37.5 hours/week

Rate of Pay: $12/hour + 4% vacation pay Travel Allowance:        $0.43/km


Application Process

Send resume and cover letter with three references to: Patty King, General Manager

Fishermen and Scientists Research Society

PO Box 25125

Halifax, NS B3M 4H4 Fax: 902-876-1320



Deadline: March 15, 2013