Fan Zhang (M.Sc.)

Ph.D student, University of Guelph


Email: fzhang02@uoguelph.ca

Personal website: N/A

CV (Résumé)



B.Sc.- 2005-2009 - Ocean University of China

M.Sc.- 2009-2011 - Ocean University of China


Keywords: ecological factor, ecosystem-based fisheries management, freshwater fisheries,  individual-based model, Lake Erie, population dynamics, stock assessment, stock-recruitment relationship, spatial-explicit model, Yellow Perch

Factors affecting stock-recruitment relationships of Lake Erie Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens)
(CFRN Project: 1.4 - Effects of socio-ecological complexity on dynamics of harvested fish stocks)

Supervisor(s): Tom Nudds and Yan Jiao (Virginia Tech)


The relative importance of factors affecting variation in stock-recruitment relationships remains a long-standing question for fisheries research and management. Corresponding to the desire of ecosystem-based fisheries management in recent years, a better understanding of the stock-recruitment mechanism involving explicit effects of biological and ecological factors is badly required. Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) comprises a significant proportion of the food web as well as the total value of all harvested species in Lake Erie, but the mechanisms behind its stock-recruitment relationship are not well understood. To identify and justify factors from both correlation and causation perspectives, I propose to apply both population-based statistical model and individual-based mechanistic model to study factors affecting stock-recruitment relationships of Lake Erie Yellow Perch.

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