Gudjon Sigurdsson (M.Sc.)

Ph.D. candidate, University of New Brunswick


Email: gudjon.mar@unb.ca

Personal website: N/A 

CV (Résumé)



B.Sc. - 2004-2007 - University of Iceland, Reykjavik

M.Sc. - 2007-2009 - University of Iceland, Reykjavik

Ph.D. - 2009-2013 - University of New Brunswick, Saint John


Keywords: Recruitment, marine invertebrates, larval supply, settlement, spatial ecology, American lobster, population dynamics, pelagic-benthic coupling, nursery habitat, spatial and temporal patterns


Patterns and processes of American lobster settlement in the southwest Bay of Fundy
(CFRN Project: 1.2 - Metapopulation dynamics, management areas and biological units of lobster in eastern Canada)
Supervisor: Rémy Rochette


To this day, it is not known what causes some areas to constantly get high lobster settlement while other areas nearby constantly get low or no settlement. My project aims to shed some light on this phenomenon by identifying hotspots and "coldspots" of lobster settlement in the southwest Bay of Fundy, find out at what spatial scale patchiness in lobster settlement occurs, investigate what environmental factors influence settlement decisions of lobster postlarvae, investigate how accurately the larval dispersal model developed by the network predicts highs and lows of settlement and see if we can improve the larval dispersal model by using our field findings to improve the accuracy of the model.

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