Katrine Turgeon (Ph.D)

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Guelph 


Email: katrine.turgeon@mail.mcgill.ca

Personal website: www.katrineturgeonresearch.weebly.com

CV (Résumé)



B.Sc. - 1997-2000 - Université de Sherbrooke

M.Sc. - 2000-2003 - Université du Québec a Trois-Rivieres

Ph.D - 2005-2011 - McGill University


Keywords: Bioeconomics, demand and supply, inland fisheries, marine fisheries, landings, population dynamics, price, regime shifts, socio-ecological complexity, time series.


Socio-ecological complexity and regine shifts in commercial fisheries

(CFRN Project: 1.4 - Effects of socio-ecological complexity on dynamics of harvested fish stocks)
Supervisor(s): Tom Nudds and John Fryxell


Global declines and regime shifts (i.e. large, abrupt, persistent changes in the structure and finction of a system) observed in commercial fisheries is one pressing problems we face as a society. (Over)harvesting has been identified as one of the major factors affecting those global declines. However, very little attention has been devoted to the collateral economic and social damage of overharvesting. With my collaborators, we developed a bioeconomic model, including density-dependant feedbacks on fish stock recruitment linked to commercial harvest, stock abundance, and fishing effort to predict the occurence of regime shifts and stable/unstable equilibrium between supply and demand. We extracted some bioeconomic indicators of regime shifts and we are now testing if they are common in commercial fisheries (Open access fisheries) and if the model can be applied to individual transferable quotas (ITQ) harvesting strategy in inland freshwater fisheries using the Great Lakes and a model system.

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