Rachel Chudnow (B.Sc. Honours)

M.Sc. Zoology, University of British Columbia


Email: r.chudnow@fisheries.ubc.ca

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B.Sc.- 2003-2008 - Dalhousie University

M.Sc.- 2010-2013 - University of British Columbia, Zoology

Ph.D.- 2012-present - University of British Columbia, Zoology  



British Columbia, co-management, Dungeness crab, fisheries management, Laroque Decision, marine policy


In search of "effective management": case study of the British Columbia Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) fishery and lessons from domestic and international experience

(CFRN Project: 3.3c - Developing tools and experiments to evaluate impacts of current and alternative fisheries management plans and spatial zoning on Hecate Strait crab fisheries)
Supervisor(s): Villy Christensen


Today's fisheries managers are faced by complex challenges including the need to: build and maintain industry-government relationships; restructure commercial fleets to allow industry to remain economically viable; and provide equitable funding strategies to meet the requirements of government and industry. Within Canada, many of these issues have been exacerbated by the Laroque Decision, which fundamentally changed the way that the Federal Government is able to carry out collaborative research with the fishing industry. This thesis investigates issues facing Canadian fisheries through the eyes of the Area "A" Dungeness crab fishery. The thesis then utilizes an exploration of domestic and international experience to look for the requirements for management success to create a dialogue for the establishment working solutions within Area "A", and other Canadian fisheries.


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