The CFRN is seeking input from its members on specific questions for a Mid-Term Review of the Network.  The input will be incorporated into a Mid-Term Progress Report to NSERC, which will be reviewed by members of the original Site Visit Committee and members of the NSERC evaluation committee.  It will also serve as a precursor to a more extensive survey towards the end of the Network to determine overall impact.

We have sent the survey to all Project Leaders and a strategically selected sub-group of the Network representing a cross-section of partners with diverse involvement (industry, academia, students, government), constituting a group of approximately 50 people.  If you did not receive the survey and wish to provide feedback, we invite you to download it send in your comments.  Click here to download the survey. 

In your responses feel free to write as little or as much as you wish and to expand on the space provided as needed.  Responses will be compiled in an anonymous fashion by Susan Thompson and Morgan MacPherson at the CFRN office. 

Completed surveys may be submitted by email, post or fax by Monday, September 9, 2013.  Please direct all completed surveys and any questions to:

Susan Thompson, CFRN Manager

Biology Department, University of New Brunswick

PO Box 4400, Fredericton, NB  E3B 5A3

Tel:  506 453-4531

Fax:  506 453-3583

We appreciate your feedback!