The Fishermen & Scientists Research Society (FSRS) invites applicants for the position of Senior Manager. We are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic individual to oversee the management of the FSRS and help us reach new heights while ensuring we remain financially responsible and sustainable.

The FSRS is a non-profit charitable organisation Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, with a core staff of 2 biologists and 1-3 technicians. Established in 1994, the FSRS works to promote the long-term sustainability of our marine fisheries resources through collaboration between fishermen and scientists. We work in partnerships with academia, industry and coastal community groups and government agencies.

The following are the goals of the FSRS:
 Further cooperation between fishermen and scientists;
 Collection and interpretation of accurate information;
 Protection of fish stocks and the marine ecosystem;
 Contribute to the establishment of a more sustainable fishery;
 Contribute to the viability of coastal communities;
 Become a financially self-sustaining, non-profit organization over the long-term;
 Further educate all involved in the Society; and
 Continuation of our livelihoods as fishermen.

The Senior Manager is responsible and accountable to the Board of Directors.

1. Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organisation's programs and services.
2. Negotiate contracts for the provision of FSRS services to clients and oversee the contracts and delivery of services.
3. Business plan preparation and financial management with operational funding from government, academic, industry and community sources.
4. Strategic planning and the ability to evolve the future direction of the FSRS.
5. Works with the Board of Directors on governance policy issues by providing support and by initiating approved recommendations or actions.
6. Recommends to the Board of Directors changes to policies and procedures that would improve the organisation.
7. Research and grant proposal writing.
8. Human resource management and cultivation of a positive work environment through leadership and teamwork.
9. Communication and outreach to the broader community.

1. Applicant should have at least 3-5 years of experience in organizational management.
Experience in a non-profit organisation preferred.
2. Post-secondary degree in non-profit management, business, fundraising, business,
accounting, administration, or related field.
3. Demonstrated experience in managing research project and operational budgets.
4. Demonstrated teamwork ability, strong leadership, communication with people at all
levels of different types of organizations, and ability to work with wide range of
5. Business skills that support day to day operations as well as evolve the organization’s
future direction.
6. Ability to communicate scientific information to multiple stakeholders.
7. Experience working with academics and industry executives as well as government.
8. A good understanding of the political and social environment of Nova Scotia, as it
relates to fisheries, is an asset.
9. Strong creative, strategic-thinking, analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills
10. Willing to work irregular hours and engage in occasional travel.
11. Access to a vehicle considered an asset.
12. Ability to work from a home office.

Starting salary: $50,000/annum, pro-rated.

Starting date: June 01, 2014

Contract term: Full-time, ending December 31, 2014 with a possibility of extension subject to availability of funds.

Deadline to apply: Application should be emailed no later than May 09, 2014

We thank all those who apply. Only the applicants selected for interview will be contacted.