Some members of the CFRN Lobster Node recently attended a US-Canada Science Symposium on The American Lobster in a Changing Ecosystem in Portland, Maine.  Students of the Lobster Node gave six oral presentations and four posters, and Dr. Rémy Rochette (UNBSJ) and Dr. Louis Bernatchez (Université Laval) chaired a session.  Congratulations to Bryan Morse and Kristin Dinning, both of UNBSJ, who won two of the three student prizes, and to Benoit Bruneau, Université de Moncton, who was a runner up!  The Symposium was a huge success and incredibly informative, and the work of the Lobster Node and its students received high praise.  There are plans to make it a bi-annual event, with the next one expected to be offered in Canada.  Read more about the Symposium.