Fisheries along eastern Canada have a rich history that has shaped the communities that exist today.  However, the ecosystem has drastically changed in the last 50 years resulting in several well-known fishery collapses. Fishermen report decreased catches, decreased market prices, and more negative interactions with marine mammals, particularly grey seals.  Members of Project 3.2 have recognized the need to collect and quantify anecdotal evidence from fishermen regarding interactions with the growing grey seal population in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

A CFRN student at the University of British Columbia, Rachel Neuenhoff, has developed a questionnaire to gather input from fishermen on their observations and experiences with grey seals.  The questionnaire was the result of a massive year-long collaborative effort between members of the fishing industry, management, and academia. The survey authors designed a formal standard of how direct and indirect costs to fishermen are assessed.

The survey has been distributed to several Canadian maritime communities and was presented at the 2013 Canadian Fisheries Research Network Annual General Meeting and the 2013 Fishermen and Scientists Research Society Annual Conference.

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