Charlotte Moritz recently completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Institut des Sciences de la Mer at the Université du Québec à Rimouski.  Her research was part of CFRN Project 2.2: Reducing seabed impacts of mobile fishing gears.  Charlotte studied the diversity of species living on the seafloor in the Estuary and Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the links between these organisms and their environment (notion of habitat).  Based on these links, a mathematical model was developed to predict the presence of groups of species (assemblages) in regions of the Gulf where environmental conditions are known.  The results may be useful for marine spatial management involving different users (e.g., transportation, fisheries, tourism).  With the help of her academic and government collaborators, Charlotte developed a brochure to communicate the highlights of her research to members of the fishing industry.  The brochure was mailed to fishing industry associations in Quebec and Newfoundland.  To read the (3-panel) brochure, click here.